Korean Breast Augmentation & Reduction

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If the chest is too big, cosmetic problems may occur in addition to physical and psychological ones. Breast reduction surgery is recommended to reduce the size of large breasts and to calibrate drooping breasts.
Breast Reduction Surgery
1. Vertical Incision of Breast Reduction Surgery
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The T-shaped incision around the areola has recently developed a lot of surgery and surgical techniques and is being used quite often.
This can be applied to any breast size and scarring will be very small compared to other conventional methods. Because the incision is smaller and the overall operating time is lessened, it is possible to make a more round breast, enriching the appearance of the breast. It allows for easy predictions of surgical outcomes and less bleeding during surgery, with a faster recovery.

2. Areola Incision of Breast Reduction Surgery
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Breast Reduction surgery is very minor, therefore the scarring around the areola is unnoticeable. Areola incision can maintain the form and function of natural breasts, in the most efficient way, for those with moderate breast hyperplasia, or less. This surgery is the most efficient method and can reduce scarring in breast tissue, less bleeding, and faster recovery.

3. T-shaped Incision
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Inverted T-shaped Breast Reduction surgery is a method of remaining upside down T-shaped marks, starting from the areola to the fold under the breast. This is one of the most traditional methods and the most common used in breast reduction surgeries. The method allows for easy prediction of surgical outcomes, in the case of a large chest it is possible to have a mass-reduction, surgery time is fast, and breast reduction surgery is even possible for drooping breasts.

Suitable Candidate
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  • The nipple is below the line and is facing downwards.
  • The breast is sagging due to pregnancy, childbirth, or rapid weight loss.
  • The back and the waist are in pain due to the weight of the breasts.
  • You get a lot of stress because of the large size of your breasts.
  • The sizes of your breasts are uneven.
  • It is hard to socialize due to the size of your breasts and you are self-conscious about them