Revision Rhinoplasty

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Nose Surgery

If the shape of the nose, after surgery, is not satisfactory, or if there are negative side effects, you can create a beautiful looking nose through a revision nose surgery.
When receiving revision nose surgery, it is recommended that a term of 6 months-1 year passes after the original surgery for stability. To receive desired results, it is important to have a highly experienced and knowledgeable surgeon with expertise in revision rhinoplasty and for demonstration its recommended to look for rhinoplasty before and after photos.
Revision Nose Surgery Methods

01. If the implant transparent through the skin

When the implant is thicker than the thickness of the skin, the implant may be transparent through the skin. The larger the implant is, the higher the chance that this will occur. In this case, while reducing the size of the implant, it may be possible to compensate for the lack of thickness of the skin tissue through autologous transplantation in the revision rhinoplasty.


02. If the nose length or height not satisfied

The removal of existing implants and extension of the length or height you need including the cartilage at the end of self-help refine the nose and nasal septum and cartilage forming at the same time as fat removed. With this new implant, the forehead is connected with the natural brow line to ensure the proper slope to the nose in the revision rhinoplasty.


03. If the implant is looking bent

After removing the existing implant, a space is created for the new implant. Fitting the shape, the new implant is then placed to create a beautiful and natural nose.


04. If the implant moves from the position

If the implant is not placed under the periosteum of the bone, caused by failure to correctly position, you peel back the implant, position it again and fix it exactly under the periosteum.


05. If the implant is too high

After removing the old implant, a custom implant, designed to fit one’s individual face, is inserted to create a natural-looking nose.


06. If the tip of the nose is stiff

If you remove implants due to the L-shaped implant and Rhinoplasty is needed to separate from the bridge of the nose, blood may gather and clot.  In this case, depending on elapsed time, the tip of the nose will improve and become much smoother.